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Messenger for Desktop Download Torrent

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Messenger for Desktop Download Torrent
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Deskripsi Messenger for Desktop Download Torrent

While Facebook Messenger can access your phone or browser by official applications, it was always going to be a bit difficult to use as a desktop client. Messenger for desktop is a social communication messaging tool designed to solve this problem (although this application is not official and in any way related to Facebook). This program is also available for MAC.

Chat without opening (function () {(‘ Overview-App-Page-Desktop ‘);});

Messenger for Desktop is an unofficial client that allows the Facebook messaging service to be used on your PC without you being linked to the social network (although, of course, you will have to sign for the client).

It has exactly the same capabilities as Facebook Messenger’s mobile applications: Chat, stickers and voice and video calls. More interesting, you can get notifications on the taskbar while minimizing the application.

The chat option if you use it regularly on the Facebook website, you have no problem with Messenger for the desktop. Most of the options are in exactly the same place with the same icons, while everyone else is easy to identify.

Send messages in full-screen mode

One of the problems with using the Facebook chat option on the web is that it appears in a small window. You can expand it by clicking on one of your conversations, but that is a bit awkward and can inadvertently cause a tab in your browser.

Messenger for desktop drop this problem because you can chat in fullscreen mode or the window to your change needs. This option is especially useful if you want to talk at work and do it discreetly.

When you open and register Messenger for your desktop, you import all your Facebook profile settings so you can start chatting immediately. The only option you may need to configure whether to turn notifications on or off.

Design terms, Desktop Messenger for a very similar interface on Facebook.

Good for Facebook chat users on the web

The chat option if used regularly on the Facebook site, then Messenger for the desktop is right on your street. It is easy to use, save, do not Hog computer and allows you to chat more discreetly without opening Facebook (as the official Messenger separate applications do). If you are looking for other free alternative messaging applications, we recommend that you download or telegram;

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